GLAD Goes Green August 5, 2015 10:11

Glad Music would like its customers to know, that we strive to do what we can to be a “green” company. We care about the environment and minimizing our footprints and waste . One sure way we can help is reducing waste by recycling and reuse when practical, while making sure it does not affect our products and services. Glad finds one practical solution by re-use of boxes and packing materials. Rather than have one time use boxes go in the trash or recycle bin, Glad Music reuses many boxes in the shipping of products to customers.

So don’t be surprised if you receive your order in a pre-used box. In addition to saving energy, reducing land fill material and other wasting of resources, new decorative or fancy custom boxes cost money. The more money we pay for shipping containers, the more cost that has to be passed to the customer.

We prefer to conserve, recycle and save.

Thanks-Glad Music Company