Joe Patek - Joe Patek Live At East Bernard & The Magic of Joe Patek (Double Album)

$ 11.99

Joseph "Joe" Patek was the leader of one of the best known Czech polka bands in Texas. One of his best known songs was "The Shiner Song," a newer version of an old Czech ballad, "Farewell To Prague." Joe Patek is credited for establishing a different style of Texas polka with its harder sound and emphasis on swing. This style with its martial brass band arrangements differentiated the Pateks and Texas polka from the polka bands in other parts of the United States.


Good Morning Polka * Tulacek Waltz (The Wanderer) * Blue Eyes Crying In the Rain * Innocence Waltz * Youth & Pleasure Polka * Fraulein * Nemelem Polka * Grandfather's Joy Polka * Cotton Eyed Joe * Ramblin' Rose * Our Katy Polka * Long Road to Praha Polka * Red Rose Polka * Deer Waltz * Today I Started Loving You Agaain * It's Underneath the Alp Polka * Red Rose Waltz * and more

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