Herb Remington - Herb Remington Salutes Floyd Tillman

$ 11.99

Herb Remington, an elected member of the prestigious Steel Guitar Players' Hall of Fame, began his steel playing while in high school although he played piano at the age of five. After serving his country during World War II, in 1946 he went to California to audition for Luke Wills' (Bob's brother) band, but Bob Wills hired him for his own band. An accomplished Hawaiian steel player, he has toured with Hawaiian bands and has been featured in Hawaii many times. Herb resides in Houston, Texas, where he manufactures the "Remington Steel" steel guitar, and also teaches.


Each Night at Nine * Daisey Mae * This Cold War With You * Then I'll Keep Right on Loving You * Slipping Around * I Love You So Much It Hurts Me * Gotta Have My Baby Back * They Took The Stars Out of Heaven * It Makes No Difference Now * Let's Make Memories Tonight

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