Lee Roy Matocha - All Aboard With The Fayetteville Flash "Something Old, Something New"

$ 11.99

Born in La Grange and raised in Plum, both in Texas, Lee Roy Matocha learned the accordion as a boy, and by the age of 14 was playing with his uncle Louis Zbranek's Accordion Orchestra from West Point. In the early 1950s he joined the Lee Ilse Orchestra of La Grange, and in 1964 he founded his own band, based in the Czech-dominated community of Fayetteville. It became one of the most popular on the Texas scene, and regularly engaged in friendly "battle dances" with peers like the Alfred Vrazel Orchestra, the Pateks and the Red Ravens.


Cotton Eyed Joe * If I Were A bird * One Minute Past Eternity * Country Boy Polka * In Love Waltz * Mountain Flower Waltz * Last Dance Waltz * Beautiful Polka * Crying Time * Youth and Pleasure * Lazy Farmer * Tiny Bubbles * Pilsen Polka * Orphan Waltz * Tuff * Wayside Waltz * Oh! Suzanna Schottische * Just A Country Boy * Star Waltz * Under The Pinetree Polka Happy Hoe Waltz * Yesterday Was Sunday

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